Sponsor-a-Plank Donation Scheme


Design your Plaque

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Please note: you are sponsoring a plank for 25 years and the commemorative plaque will be laid for the same period.

Please write your message on the plaque on the right using

A maximum total of 30 letters/figures in your message.

Your MAXIMUM OF 30 LETTERS/FIGURES must spread across the 3 lines provided 

(spaces and punctuation are not included when counting up)

The image is only a guide and is not an exact representation of what the plaque will look like.

The lettering is centered.

(The Swanage Pier Trust retain the right to refuse wording they consider to be of an unsuitable nature).

The brass plaque measures approx. 148 x 45mm and will be engraved with your message.

Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for your plaque to be laid.

It will be put down in strict rotation.

NO floral tributes are to be left on the Pier

Please note: Plank sponsorship does not include free access to the Pier.

Your co-operation with us on these points is appreciated

See full terms and conditions.

Donation: £125.00